The United States Public Debt

US National Debt Counter

One of the problems with visualizing the public debt is that it's now beyond human experience.  There is nothing at which a human can point and say, "The debt looks like that!"

The amount is simply beyond imagination.

This is my attempt to visualize it:  by creating mega-objects in Minecraft.  Specifically, I intend to render a number of public debt-related items into Minecraft, all made of gold blocks.  The idea is to allow a user to walk up to a gigantic mountain range of gold (or its poly-hedral equivalent).

So far, I'm past the calculations phase and into research.  Specifically, I need to quickly create some rather massive items.  There's no way I can do this by hand.

As you can see from the debt counter, the amount is increasing rapidly.  Hardly surprising, given inflation and the action of compound interest.

Public Debt In Minecraft