Star Trek

No true geek entirely ignores Star Trek.  These are things I find interesting.  Sue me.

Mission Log:  A Roddenberry Podcast

Mission Log
Mission Log is a Roddenberry Entertainment podcast with the sole purpose of exploring the Star Trek universe one episode at a time. That’s right, this podcast will cover six different series and 30 seasons of television by journeying into every one of the 726 episodes with a single mission: to explore, debate and discuss one of the largest science fiction phenomena of all time, Star Trek.

Starting with The Original Series’ initial pilot and continuing chronologically until we reach the last episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, each week our hosts, Ken Ray and John Champion, will tackle a single episode, delving into the most historical and hysterical science fiction that Star Trek has to offer. Along with a variety of guests and interviews, Mission Log will attempt to reach Star Trek’s ethical subtext, understand its complex metaphors and finally figure out what was the trouble with those tribbles.

Mission Log Podcast


Over the years, many fonts have been used in Star Trek.  Like a true geek, I've collected TrueType versions.


I've always been fascinated by dialects, sound effects, and the mechanics of sound. I consider Audacity to be my own personal playground.

This, as with almost everything else in life, is probably due to Star Trek. The sound effects used in the original series are extremely distinctive, something that Ben Burtt has masterfully recreated in the 2009 film.

I've accumulated quite a lot of sound effects, some rare. This is where they're winding up.

Oh, and as long as you're here, listen to something decent, for once.


I suggest "The Big Man," track number 24.

In that episode, Joe Friday goes undercover in a narcotics operation.  He's on the assignment for months.  In the TV show, this episode precipitated Friday's promotion to Lieutenant.

See if you don't hear every single cop show you've ever seen in these audios.  These started in 1949.

I also suggest "The Big Ben," track number 83.  In that one, things seem routine -- until Joe is shot.  For most of the episode, the voice-over is done by Joe's partner Ben Romero.  This is the only episode in which Joe doesn't do the voice-over.