From the README.TXT file that accompanies the original:

This is a long rant about the 'nets that James Dixon included in the archive of his 10th edition Chronology, which gives a clear picture of his personal delusions about his many detractors. Remarkably, after a gentle suggestion from Jay P. Hailey on the TREK_CREATIVE echo about its being "self-serving" and not really relevant to the Chronology, he dropped it from subsequent editions.

Kudos go to Garry Stahl and Jay for being the first Echosians to actually get JD to cooperate when asked ...

The Commodore's Introduction

This is a very personal rant that gives some insight into James Dixon's psyche.

Dixon had a gift for getting you worked into a blind rage over frivolous minutia.  He was always right.  He knew he was always right; he'd say so loudly and often; and he never, ever conceded an argument.

If you offered to "agree to disagree," he rejected it.  If you stopped responding, he goaded you.  He was relentless.  He could not and would not be placated short of public acknowledgement that he was the better man.

I have occasionally wondered if the creators of The Big Bang Theory knew of James Dixon when they were dreaming up Dr. Sheldon Cooper (at the time, we were told that the TNG character of Burlinghoff Rasmussen was based on Dixon's postings in the 1990s).

Original Text

Ignorance, Hate, and Lynch Mobs: An Argument AGAINST Trek Computer Nets

I have altered the format by making paragraph breaks.  I tried to be gentle, but it had to be done.  It was a literal wall of text 60K long.