Upper Great Plains Contrail Gallery

Stone Upper Great Plains Contrail Gallery

These are pictures of contrails taken in the skies of the Upper Great Plains of North America.
These are not chemtrails. Chemtrails, frankly, don't exist. 

This is what the sky over my head has looked like every day for the last forty-eight years. This is what our skies have looked like since the invention of the aircraft. 

There is nothing new, nothing unusual, this is simply the sky above fly-over country.

Sometimes it looks like God has painted a gridwork on our skies. 

Look at these pictures.  Compare them to any supposed chemtrail picture.  I defy you to find any difference.

These pictures were are taken off-the-cuff.  I add to the gallery with moderate frequency.  I don't wait around for contrails to appear, I happen to glance into the sky and whip out my Tricorder to take a picture.

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Think this is a new phenomenon?  Think Again.