Tales From SYL Ranch is entirely user-supported. There are two ways to contribute:

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Unfortunately, I have no crowdfunding platform left.

I had been using Patreon, but their business practices made it impossible for me to continue with them.

I then started using SubscribeStar, but PayPal froze them out. Because of this, I only get payouts after I get $150 in donations, which occurs less than every six months at the moment.

For the present, the only options are my PayPal tipjar or my Amazon wishlist.

Movies For Review

If you'd like to see me review a film or TV show -- even if it's after 1980 -- feel free to mention it during the show.  The show schedule usually has holes, and I'll fill them with viewer requests!

If you'd like to send a film or TV show for review, contact me for mailing information. If I receive a video, it will be reviewed -- regardless of era!

Specific Items From My Amazon Wishlist


This laptop will greatly improve the production values of the show.  Very specifically:

  • Stream at higher resolution and frame-rates.
    • I'm streaming at 720p.
      • The current standard is at least 1080p.
    • Modern TV is 24fps and games are 60fps
      • I can currently only stream at 10fps
      • 10fps video looks "jerky."

  • Take live phone calls.
  • Become more mobile.
    • I'm presently confined to one place because my ancient computer is a desktop model.

  • Reduce encoding times for clips.
    • A 15-minute clip currently takes about 3 hours to encode.
  • If you buy the Laptop outright ...
    • You become programming director for my show!
    • You can tell me what and when to review anything you like!
Tilley TH5 Hemp Hat, Color Mocha, Size 7-1/8 Tilley TH5 Hemp Hat, Color Mocha, Size 7-1/8

At some point, I'll need to replace my aging Indiana Jones hat, and this would fit the bill perfectly.

  • It has a lifetime guarantee.
    • Buy it once and if it ever needs replacement, Tilley will do so free of charge!

  • It would help me court Tilley Endurables as a sponsor.

I've owned a Tilley hat for almost 30 years and very much believe in Tilley's products.

I'm presently the proud owner of a Tilley LTM6 Airflo.  However, its color is so light as to be blinding under studio lights.  The TH5 Hemp in the Mocha color would overcome this problem.

(Also, it's hemp, which makes some of my more libertarian-minded viewers happy.)