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Tales From SYL Ranch is entirely user-supported. There are many ways to contribute:

If you'd like to send a video for a review, contact me for mailing information. If I receive a video, it will be reviewed!

All financial contributions you make go toward the purchase of an ASUS ROG STRIX Laptop.


This laptop will greatly improve the production values of the show.  Very specifically:

  • Allow me to stream at least 30fps.
    • Modern TV is 24fps and games are 60fps
    • I can currently only stream at 10fps
    • 10fps video looks "jerky."

  • Allow me to stream at a higher resolution than 720p.

  • Become more mobile.
    • I'm presently confined to my desk because the Zotac computer I use is a desktop model.

  • Reduce encoding times for clips.
    • A 15-minute clip currently takes about 3 hours to render.

If you buy the Laptop outright, you get to be the programming director for my show. You can tell me what and when to review anything you like!