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Charity Livestream

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#ParadiseStrong Fire Relief GoFundMe

5-Hour Charity Livestream To Raise Money For Camp Fire Survivors

Fan Down -- and Fans To the Rescue!

Fallen Angels by Michael Flynn, Larry Niven, and Jerry Pournelle
Science fiction fans have always been an extended family for each other.  As a Fandi Master, I've witnessed it for decades.  Fannish history tells us that it's how we've always beenWe may disagree about our favorite film, TV show, or story -- sometimes vociferously and emotionally.  However, when the need arises, we have never failed to help fellow fans in need.

This is who we've been for more than 100 years, and we can be damned proud of it.

I recently discovered that one of my regular viewers has a close relative who lost everything in California's horrible Camp Fire.  My New Year's Day livestream will be devoted to supporting the #ParadiseStrong Fire Relief GoFundme, a charity that will help he and other victims get back on their feet.

Please join my New Year's Day livestream and spread the word to other fans.

Remember and be proud:  we're fans.  When one of our own is down, we will always help them up.  It's who we are -- and who we've been for more than a century -- and it sets us apart from everyone else among the stars.

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