Tales From SYL Ranch

Tales From SYL Ranch
What Is It?

Tales From SYL Ranch is Bill Stone's YouTube channel.  Known as The Old Fan, Bill offers:

Where Can I See It?

A new episode of Tales From SYL Ranch is streamed live every Monday on YouTube at:
  • North America
    • Eastern: 9pm
    • Central: 8pm
    • Mountain: 7pm
    • Pacific: 6pm

  • UTC: Tuesday, 1am

Why Should I Watch?

  • You'll learn why you felt the way you did when you saw it, not just how.

    It isn't a discussion of how Bill felt, but an analysis of what the filmmaker did and if it was effective.

  • Bill will field questions about almost anything during the live stream.

    On occasion, he's allowed it to run until the battery on his cam has gone dead.  He really does enjoy interacting with other fans via chat -- it's why it's live!

  • Unlike some hosts, Bill really does pay attention.  He understands that unlike most popular YouTubers, he is neither young nor female nor attractive.  He knows he has to make up for it by being The Old Fan.

  • You'll find out about science fiction history.  Bill's not called The Old Fan for nothing.

  • It's cool.
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