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SDF Account


shell account is a user account on a remote server, traditionally running under the Unix operating system, which gives access to a shell via a command-line interface protocol such as telnet or ssh.[1]

Originally, although in rare instances individuals had access to shell accounts through their employer or university, shell accounts were made first accessible to interested members of the public by Internet Service Providers (such as Netcom (USA)PanixThe World and Digex). They were used for file storageweb space,email accountsnewsgroup access and software development.[2][3][4]

Shell providers are often found to offer shell accounts at low-cost or for free. These shell accounts generally provide users with access to various software and services including compilersIRC clientsbackground processesFTPtext editors (such as nano) and email clients (such as pine).[5][6] Some shell providers may also allow tunneling of traffic to bypass corporate firewalls.

Shell accounts have been involved in illegal activity, such as denial of service attacks or distributing illegal software.[7][8][9] (the Super Dimension Fortress) offers free UNIX shell accounts.  For an addition, very modest, one-time fee, you get an ARPA-level membership with pretty extraordinary benefits.  For additional modest annual fees, you get a MetaARPA level membership whose benefits are frankly amazing

This is also the single most useful tool of my IT career.  There is no other tool that has been as consistently useful.

I urge you to get a free account today.