• Windows Loader

    This program will validate Windows.  It will work with Windows Vista, Windows 7, and a variety of Windows Server editions.

    You will need to download this file, extract it to your Desktop, and then run Windows Loader.

    Do not try to download this program on a computer with strong virus detection!  Most virus scanners will incorrectly identify the loader as malware.

  • MultiDesk

    This software creates multiple virtual desktops.

  • Microsoft Bob

    Not for the faint of heart!  Don't install this on a computer you can't afford to trash.

    Microsoft Bob was a software product released in March 1995 which provided a new, non-technical interface to desktop computing operations. It was one of Microsoft's more visible product failures.

    Microsoft's Steve Ballmer mentioned Bob as an example of a situation where "we decided that we have not succeeded and let's stop."

  • The Matrix Screensaver